Perfect Strangers [Acc. Disc- Part II]

A: You know, if you didnt crib so much, you could actually be tolerable.

S: Yeah, like I give a fuck. God knows I hate the day I found you nearly as much as I hate you.

A: And you love me as much, too. Seriously, M, you have to be consistent about something in your life.

M: Pretty much stuck on you for the last 3 years. I am so tired of this arrangement. Lets figure something out before its too late.

A: Figure what out? We agreed we had an expiry date. Now that its closer, you want  permanence. What for? Like millions of others before, we will get tired of each other in a few years, life would hardly be bearable and you will really hate me as much as you claim you do. Would you want that?

M: But this isnt working. For either of us.

A: What are you suggesting? Should we break up?

M: I didnt say that.

A: You dont say that, you do! Three times already. What do you think it does to me?

M: I apologized within minutes each of those three times.

A: And for no reason too. What are you so scared of?

M:  The future. We have none.

A: We have the present. Why are you so hell bent on destroying that?

M: The present sucks.

A: So do I, when you insist. That should even it out.

M: Heck man, I dont want to be an almost been all my life.

A: So you want me to be the benchmark which tells you you saw something to the end?

M: No. I just want you to be around when I wake up one Sunday Morning in 2015.

A: Romantics are losers. Think. You and I can only stand each other for so long, unless we are making out. We are incompatible in more ways than can be counted on fingers. And of course, you are unstable, physically, emotionally, financially. Why would I want to spend the rest of my life with you? I’ll be honest, you are a perfect boyfriend, M, but you are nowehere close to being even a reasonable husband material.

M: And last night you told me the girl who marries me will always be happy.

A: Yeah, sometimes you are good, in bed and otherwise. What about the days when you are like “Leave me alone, I’ll be back in a few days.”?

M: Thats only happened a couple of times in the 3 years we have been together.

A: They felt like an eternity. You dont know what it feels to be left behind.

M:  Now I do, with you planning to vanish.

A: I just met the guy. It doesnt mean I will marry him.

M: I bet you wont.

A. got married to the same deserving, stable guy she met, who happened to be (potentially) 10 times as rich as The Monkey. The Monkey broke his leg when taking a leap too huge, then he broke his back when he took an even bigger jump, spent 4 months on the bed lying flat with a male nurse feeding him, got into severe depression, got addicted to valium, recovered,  and moved on.

A girl he dumped because he thought she wanted to leave, she cost him 2 years of his life. Thats what he liked to think of it as : All because he dumped her.

He was off valium, he hadnt smoked weed for like ages now, the hard shit never took to him, and his body reacted okay to the pack he smoked each day. He was doing fine.

That was what he told everyone.

The truth was he had confined himself to a lease he bought on this okay apartment. This was his heaven, this was his hell. Every weekend, he tried to get himself away, go down to Bombay, splurge his now-again found steady income, get sloshed out of his skull and forget about the past as much as possible. Every monday, though, his body reminded him of every moment of pain, the tears and the shrill cries in his baby voice, his drug induced speeches about how he could have changed, how he needed another chance, just one more take at life and he would set it right.
And then a red scooty hit him and changed everything.

The Lioness and The Monkey watched Wall E together. Surprisingly, it was still on in Pune. The Monkey had seen it earlier, but this time he was present mentally. He liked the movie.

It was nearly 10 when they walked out of the theater.

“Where to, now, Highness?”

“Looking at you, I get a feeling you need a drink.”

“Sure as fuck I do. Dont you? Its been a hard day’s night, and I have been working like a dog. Bow wow.

Hey how old are you, by the way? I dont want to be caught abetting a teenager to drink and do drugs!”

“I am 26, thanks, and way past the age where I could be influenced by maladjusted individuals. I am quite maladjusted myself.”

“Lets roll, then.”

At 12, they were thrown out of the bar, Pune style, and drunk enough to be declared unfit for societal acceptance.

“You got work tomorrow?”

“I do, but I guess I will take an off . Its not every day I meet a girl like you.”

The truth was she was he hadnt talked to a girl in the real world for the last 5 months.

He didnt know when she bent forward and kissed his cheek. She was quite a bit taller than him, like most girls he had ever been out with.

She didnt know when he pulled her closer and kissed her for a whole minute.

Pune was scandalized beyond redemption. They didnt plan to redeem it of love, anyway.

He drove, his years of experience in inebriated driving coming to the rescue of a sadly uttered question of “Who is gonna drive? I wont leave my scooter here for the night”.

He drove straight to his place. She didnt ask a question.

They took the stairs, waking up the neighbours with their giggles and vacuumed kisses. He finally freed his hands when they reached the fourth floor, reached for the keys, pushed open the door and said “Welcome to the palace, Your Royal Highness”.

He didnt have a place to sit, except for the bean bag and his bed. She took the bean bag.

“Where’s the TV”

“Dunno, Lucknow, Agra, Kanpur, Noida, Gurgaon, I dont know. I never got it here when I moved”

“You actually live without a TV? What about your roomies? They dont miss the TV either?”

“I stay alone”

“Now I get it. You mean little bastard, you brought me to a house with nobody but us at 1 in the night.”

“Close the door as you leave, if you are going”

She stayed.

It was barely 17 hours since they first saw each other.

They had spent less than 6 hours. Just 6 hours, and two perfect strangers in Pune were in a love that would cause a riot in Lucknow and a gun fight in Delhi.


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